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Pixe’s Picks Feb. 25

Posted by pixe1 on February 25, 2009

Welcome to this week’s Pixe’s Picks where the coolest Etsy shops are showcased!  This week I’m showcasing lauraprentice and appleblossomfl!  Kick back and enjoy your stay!!  To view a larger pic, just click on the thumbnail!

Slate House

Slate House

 Give a warm welcome to lauraprentice , who creates mixed media art! 
Laura tells me this is how she got her start:   I’ve been making art my entire life, my dad is an artist so it has always been a part of my life. I got really serious about it my senior year of high school.
Etsy was chosen because:  I figured that if I could get paid to do what I love, why not?
Her fave from her shop??  I am really excited about my mini house drawing series that is in my shop right now, it’s a mock-up for a larger project that I am working on outside of etsy but it’s really cute and has been fun to work with.       Slate house is part of her mini house series.
Be a Seed Print

Be a Seed Print

Pixe’s Picks:  Laura has a great shop filled with her original artwork;  she even has handmade paper!  How cool is a green shop!!  My fave is her Be a Seed Print .   I may be interpreting this all wrong, however, I think the message is to encourage us all to grow and nurture ourselves, others, and the world around us.  Be sure to give Laura some love!

You Put the Lime in the Cotton Candy

You Put the Lime in the Cotton Candy

Now if you would,  please welcome April, from appleblossomfl!  She creates some beautiful, one of a kind jewelry!  April has been creating jewelry for a little over 3 years, and this is how she tells me she got her start:  My SIL got me sucked into beading! She had taken a class with a friend for fun, got hooked and then lured me in the next time I saw her.

This is the reason April chose Etsy:  I stumbled upon Etsy from a post on Craig’s List. The first time I saw the website I was extremely interested in selling (and buying of course). I really love the sense of community here.
Tell us your favorite item from your shop:  Right now, my favorite is my You Put the Lime in the Cotton Candy necklace. I love the bright colors and making the bead balls is really fun! My favorite changes all the time though.  I’ve made some earrings recently that I’m pretty partial too!
Little Birdy

Little Birdy

Pixe’s Picks:  April has some very pretty beaded, and wire worked jewelry for women and little girls.  She also makes book thongs…a great idea, I think!!   My favorite is the Little Birdy Scrabble Tile Pendant!  This is such a classic design with the black and white…wearable with just about anything!
These are this week’s Pixe’s Picks!  Thanks for dropping by, and I hope you enjoyed your stay!  Please leave a comment for these wonderful Etsy artists…They would love to hear from you!
Have a peaceful, safe, and creative week!

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Pixe’s Picks for February 18, 2009

Posted by pixe1 on February 18, 2009

Good Morning everyone!  Welcome to this weeks’ Pixe’s Picks!  This is the place to find out about the coolest shops on Etsy!!  Grab your fave beverage, settle in with us, and read about Keirning, and NicoleHill!   To view a larger pic, just click on the thumbnail!  Remember to leave a comment for them here, and to visit their shops!  Etsy artists thrive on getting luv and giving luv!!

Shana Bag Lions

Shana Bag Lions

Meet Kelly, from Keirning!  Kelly sews bags, and right now, her shop is a work in progress!! 

This is what Kelly tells us about her crafting life:  Well, I started crafting at sewing at a very young age. My great grandmother, grandma and my mom were all talented at sewing and made a lot of their own clothes. We are just a creative bunch. I’m inspired by the things I can’t find. I am very picky when it comes to material things and can’t see spending a lot on something I could make myself. I would have to say the most difficult thing is finding time to sew and create. I am a full time graphic designer and only find time at night to sew. My Shana Bags are named after my sister. She owns more make-up than anyone I know and always needs something to put it all in. I came up with pattern by trial and error and with help of a plastic container lid for the curve of the flap.

This is why Kelly chose Etsy as her selling platform:   I found etsy through a friend only a few months ago and have enjoyed seeing all the great ideas out there. For the new year I hope to design and create more bags. I already have ideas from my other sisters, as they want a bag named after them too!

Shana Bag Pink and Green

Shana Bag Pink and Green

PIXE’S PICKS:  I really love Kelly’s little bags, and can’t wait to see what other bags she comes up with !  She also has some Christmas stuff in her shop, including some really cute ornaments.  This is my favorite from her shop, the Shana Bag Pink and Green.  I just love the flowers on it, and pink and green is one of my favorite color combos, for it reminds me of my Grammy, who was a major influence in my life, crafting,  and otherwise!


European Square Chainmaille Bracelet

European Square Chainmaille Bracelet

Now let’s welcome Nicole, of nicolehill! 

Nicole only recently started making jewelry, but you would never know it from looking at her designs!  This is how she tells me she got her start in jewelry making:  I started making jewellery in May 2008; I’d been buying handmade artisan jewellery before then, and loved it, and wondered if I could make similar things (my budget for jewellery buying was sadly rapidly shrinking; my love for shiny things, not so much!) and then I found my local craft store. A bit of encouragement from friends, and I was away!

Nicole chose Etsy as her marketplace because:  Etsy was the first place I found that let people set up shop to sell their handmade crafts; it was cheap (given that I didn’t have much confidence that anyone would buy my things to start with, that was important!) and it had an established community – I learnt a lot from other artisans by reading the forums before I set up shop and continue to do so, that’s something I really value about Etsy!

This is Nicole’s fave item from her shop:  My favourite thing in my shop is probably my chainmaille; I love all the pieces I make, but I particularly like the square-wire maille I’ve made – European Square Chainmail Bracelet is one of my favourite pieces, because it’s just so shiny! (Can you see the magpie tendancies in me yet?) I also really like “Huntress Moon”   The idea came to me on the train back from work one evening, and I had to make it as soon as I got home; something about the larvikite and sterling spirals combination really appeals to me – it was a tough choice to put it up for sale rather than keep it!

Secret Garden Pendant

Secret Garden Pendant

PIXE’S PICKS: Nicole makes some really fabulous chainmaille!   I really had a difficult finding a favorite…until I saw this wonderful pendant, The Secret Garden Pendant!   I love the freeform work of the wire, and it reminds me of one of my favorite books as a child….we all have a secret garden that we go to….

That’s all folks!  Be sure to leave a comment here for these fantastic artisans, and visit their shops!  They really have some wonderful offerings for you!!!

Wishing you all a peaceful, safe, and creative week!       


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Pixe’s Picks for Feb. 11, 2009

Posted by pixe1 on February 11, 2009

Good morning, everyone!!  Welcome to this week’s Pixe’s Picks!  This is the place to be to see the coolest shops on Etsy!   Obtain your beverage of choice, sit back, relax, and give a warm Pixe welcome to GrannysKnits and Art4ever!  If you would like to see a larger picture, just click on the thumbnail!

unique hand knit white baby letter sweater

Give a warm welcome to GrannysKnits, who designs and hand knits baby and toddler sweaters.  This is how she got her start:  I taught myself how to knit when I was in first grade,my grandsons are 10 and 2 and a half,so I’ve been knitting for a few years:-)!  She found Etsy through a coworker who crochets.    Grannysknits fave item is the  Unique Letter Sweater, and considers this to be her “baby”.  Each sweater     is different, with different colors and letters hand knit black and white tweedy baby sweater!

Pixe’s Pick!  My fave is the hand knit black and white tweedy baby sweater.  I really like the muted colors and the teddy bear buttons are a real perk!!  Even the little tykes need to look great!!


Amber Anenome Bracelet

Now let’s welcome Jennifer, owner of Art4ever! First off…I must apogize to Jennifer for running her spot a week later than promised…my less than stellar organizational skills got me in trouble!   Jennifer  just opened up shop in December, and she wants peeps to come see her!   

 She tells me she has been making jewelry for about 7 years and has  learned through trial and error. This is how she tells me she got her start is crafting:  I have been creating/crafting things out of all kinds of media for most my life, always exploring new medias.I love beads, all kinds, glass, stone, crystals, etc.

What is Jennifer’s fave item?:   My favorite item right now is one of the items I have featured in my shop. The Amber Anenome bracelet. It has matching earrings that are swinging drops! It is my favorite because is was so fun to make and I love the amber colored beads!

And why Etsy:  I choose etsy after lots of research! Etsy was the only real supporter of true handmade items by artists and artisans. I like how they fully support all aspects of selling/creating/promoting your talent, and they truly give me a feeling of community in the massive world of cyberspace! Yey to Etsy and many thanks to Etsy for giving the opportunity to share and display and sell my creations!

Matte Leaf Jewelry Box

Pixe’s Picks!  Not only does Jennifer create some fabulous jewelry, she is also a clay artist!  I love this Matte Leaf Jewel Box…It really appeals to the nature lover in me!  The soft, muted shades, and the leaves make this a gorgeous treasure!!!  It is a fabulous one of a kind piece of art!!

That’s this week’s Pixe’s Picks!  I hope you enjoyed these very cool shops!  Don’t forget to leave a comment here for them, they would love to hear what you think!!!

Wishing a wonderful, safe, peaceful, and creative week!!      Mich

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Pixe’s Picks for Feb. 4, 2009

Posted by pixe1 on February 4, 2009

Welcome to Pixe’s Picks!  This is THE place where I showcase the really, really cool Etsy shops!  Go get your beverage of choice,  put up your feet, and Enjoy!!  This week I’m featuring JudyRuth and DiVanityDesigns!  Want to see a larger pic?  Just click on the pic you want to see!

Country Rooster

Country Rooster

Please allow me to introduce you to Karen, artist and owner of JudyRuth!  Karen has been crafting for as long as she can remember…since she was a young girl!!  Funny…seems most of us have been crafting since we were very young!
This is how Karen got started in her craft:  I began my Etsy shop with my hen and rooster which is a 40 year old pattern that belongs to my Aunt Judy and my grandmother, Ruth (hence the name). This artwork was a very popular item to create back in the day and I remember a set hanging in my grandmother”s dining room all of my younger years. When I had surgery two years ago my sweet Aunt Judy brought me the two patterns and a basket of beans so I could have something to keep me busy and a business was born. Since that time I have created the other patterns and ideas for my shop.
This is why Karen chose Etsy as her venue:   I choose Etsy because my daughter has two shops here, the blue button and mossy wood lane. She really encouraged me and convinced me this would be the perfect medium to sell my “wares”. She was so right! I love Etsy and all of the wonderful people involved. I have become a treasury junky and have so much fun convoing the friends on Etsy that I have made. Some have become very good friends.
Even though she has a difficult time picking her fave, this piece is gets her vote (see above pic):  I will always love the hen and rooster just simply because they were my first pieces that I created!!! I get so much satisfaction from their completion because it takes me around 8 to 9 hours to complete them. They are a true labor of love.
Bean and Corn Centerpiece

Bean and Corn Centerpiece

Pixe’s Picks!  Wow, Karen’s art is truly a labor of  love!  Her work is so gorgeous and unusual!  I love her Bean and Corn Centerpiece!  The colors are warm, earthy, and it’s such a textural piece!  Please, make it a point to stop in and see her goodies!!
Next up…DiVanityDesigns!
Multi Strand Pearl Necklace

Multi Strand Pearl Necklace

Give a big warm, Pixe welcome to Cari, jewelry designer and owner of DiVanityDesigns!  She has only been creating jewelry for a few months!  This is how she got her start: 
How did I get started in jewelry design? Well, I was addicted to etsy first as a buyer, and I loved finding unique jewelry that had wonderful stones and rocks in them. I like being different, and etsy jewelry definitely supported that! I was inspired by the other designers on etsy to try making jewelry, and then my dance teacher told me where I could go to take classes. By this point I was having etsy sellers custom make jewelry for me, so it just made sense to go for it! I took my first class and I was hooked! This business has taken off a lot faster than I expected, and I love it! It’s more fun that I imagined it would be.
Cari tells me this is why she chose Etsy:  I chose Etsy because Etsy was what inspired me to go for it in the first place. I love etsy- the look, the sellers and buyers, the friendly forums… it’s a great place to be!
Her fave item is her Multi Strand Pearl Necklace because:   It was actually the first thing I made and when I created the vision in my head I was so excited! I kind of look at it now, amazed that I created it. 🙂 I will be sad when it sells…
Aquamarine and Sterling Chain Wraparound Bracelet

Aquamarine and Sterling Chain Wraparound Bracelet

Pixe’s Pick!  I really had a difficult time picking a fave!  Cari uses so many gorgeous stones in her work!  And I love stones!  I picked the Aquamarine and Sterling Wraparound Bracelet…I just love the way the aquamarine and silver look together…It’s classic!
That’s  all for Pixe’s Picks for this week!  Be sure to click on the pics to go to our stars’ etsy shops!
Wishing you a wonderful, peaceful, and creative week!

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Pixe’s Picks! Jan. 28, 2009

Posted by pixe1 on January 28, 2009

Welcome back to Pixe’s Picks!!  This is the place where the really cool Etsy shops are featured!   This week I’m featuring ArtisticFlair, and Nyblaque…Visit their shops, and give ’em some love!  Just click on the pics to see a larger view!!

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Breakfast at Tiffany's


Let us welcome Deb, from ArtisticFlair to Pixe’s Picks!  Deb tells me she has  been crafting for as long as she can remember. “I started selling my jewelry at art shows before my son was born about 8 years ago. I went on a hiatus when my son was born and then slowly started taking ceramic and glass classes. I got serious about it again doing art shows about 3 years ago. I’ve been selling on etsy for just about a year now. ”

And this is how she got her start in her craft:  I have always loved to create and Artistic Flair is a name I came up with after delving into many different mediums of the art world. From years of jewelry making to learning the many techniques involved with ceramics and the use of my kiln, my interests took me to the wonderful world of glass fusing. I am fascinated with the way glass changes during the fusing process, the often unpredictable results and the beauty of the finished product.

We all want to know why Deb chose Etsy:  I was a member of etsy long before I started selling here. I really liked the site and what it had to offer. I started selling here as a means to get my things out in the cyber world.

And what is Deb’s fave piece in her shop:  My Audrey Hepburn piece:    She is the true definition of elegance and beauty – a timeless diva! I had so much fun creating this piece and was more than thrilled with the outcome. She will be hard to part with!

A Little Bit of Italy

A Little Bit of Italy

Pixe’s Pick:  I was hard-pressed to decide on a favorite…Deb has some really great items in her shop!  Not only does she create these wonderful framed pictures, she also makes jewelry, cuff links,  and glass cabs!  I chose A Little Bit of Italy as my fave!   Being the good Italian girl that I am, I love the subject!  This is definitely a OOAK piece of art!




Let’s give a warm Pixe welcome to Andrea, from Nyblaque!  Andrea started crafting at the ripe old age of 15 by making jewelry pieces and drawing clothing designs as a hobby.  She tells me:   Well, I have been “hobby making” with jewelry for 17yrs but I decided to design jewelry as a business for 3yrs.

And this is why Andrea loves Etsy!  I found Etsy through a Google search of handmade online shops when I realized Ruby Lane was too expensive for me, and I love the community Etsy seemed to offer.  Plus, Etsy is based in my hometown,  NYC so that was a definite plus:)!

Andreas fave piece in her shop is the XOXO Wooden Key Necklace, even though she says she has a new fave every week!!   “I made it with these great wooden reproductions of vintage typewriter keys. I have already made earrings with then that sold like crazy in 6 weeks!”

Trimmed Bleached Peacock Feather Earrings

Trimmed Bleached Peacock Feather Earrings

Pixe’s Pick:   Andrea has some really fantastic jewelry in her shop!  However, since I tend towards the natural and/or unusual,  I really love these  Trimmed Bleached Peacock Feather Earrings!  There is still some soft color to them, and they are really just gorgeous!  Any peacock would be proud to have feathers such as these!

These are Pixe’s Picks!  Two really cool shops that Etsy has to offer!!  Take a peek and see what other goodies they have to offer!!   Wishing you a wonderful, and peaceful day!!!


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Pixe’s Picks!!!

Posted by pixe1 on January 21, 2009

Welcome friends, to this weeks Pixe’s Picks!!!  This is the place to be, every Wednesday, where I celebrate the coolest shops on Etsy!!!  Grab a cup of tea, or a dirty martini, put up your feet, and enjoy!!  This week I feature Ishycreations, and  GreighdayVintage!!

Messenger Bag   ISHYCREATIONS:  Say “hey” to ishycreations!   She has been crafting all her life!!   Ishy tells me she got her start in sewing at an early age, also!  This is what she wants us to know about how she got started in her crafts:   Well, for sewing, I was very young, about 4 or 5, and my mother would go downstairs into her sewing room and sew for hours on end.  Eventually I got curious as to what she was doing down there so I would join her.
She made these BEAUTIFUL Victorian dresses (we were American Civil War Reenactors).  I started helping her pin fabric pieces together and find pattern pieces for her.  As I got older she let me use her sewing machine, then I got my own years later.
The rest is history.

As for clay … I had some of that “never dries out” oily clay as a child and (while my mother was at work) I would play with it hours upon hours. I can remember creating my own dolls because the ones my family would buy me “weren’t expressive enough”.
I didn’t discover polymer clay till about 6 months ago, though. I found out about it, got some, then fell head over heels madly in love with it.

Me, being ever curious, wanted to know why she chose Etsy: Originally, I didn’t know there was any option other than Ebay O_O .  I ran into Etsy on accident through someone on DeviantArt.  I signed up and started selling.   Then I ran into ArtFire, but I don’t like it as much as faithful ol’ Etsy!

Ishycreations favorite item her shop, besides her clay items,  is her Messenger Bag. “It’s my favorite item because it’s made out of my old “bondage” pants that I wore in high school. I never got rid of them because I was determined to get back to that size (yea, RIGHT!) or to find a use for them. And a use I did find! ”

Hello Kitty/Hearts reconstructed hoodiePixe’s Picks:  ishycreations has some really wonderful stuff in her shop!  She makes these clay goodies that look good enough to eat!!   I really like this Hello Kitty/Hearts Hoodie….it’s just so fun!  Plus, I love hoodies!!!

Neptunes Garden Vintage Couture Art Nouveau Wrist Cuff

  Next up is Amber, from GreighdayVintage!  She too, has been crafting all her life!!  She comes from a creative family; her mother is an artist, her father, a poet!  Amber tells us how she got her start in her craft:  When I was about 17, I started using my Mother’s old broken jewelry, (mostly hand me downs from Grandmother, or garage and estate sale finds) to make new and exciting pieces for myself. I always loved knowing that no one else on Earth had the exact same thing that I did. 

And why Etsy?  asks curious Mich: When I found Etsy, I was very impressed with the principle of it. I started to shop and loved the items I was receiving. I thought why not try it out for myself and perhaps make a little spending money on the side. It evolved from there. I adore Etsy!

Amber’s fave item from her shop is the  Neptune’s  Garden cuff (pic above) for  it’s “whimsy, and wonderful mix of textures and shapes. It makes me daydream of mystical places. It’s magical to me and I had a hard time listing it.  I almost kept it for myself! ”

Vintage Burlesque Golden Lace and Feather Millinery Can Can Girl Fascinator

Pixe’s Picks:  I love this Vintage Burlesque Golden Lace and Feather Millinery Can Can Girl Fascinator!  It is so colorful, full of texture, and funky!  You could say I’m fascinated by fascinators!    This is something I could see myself wearing!! 

That’s Pixe’s Picks for this week!  Give these shops some love!  They are really cool!!    And the artists are really fab!!  Wishing you a wonderful, and safe week! 





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Pixe’s Picks!!

Posted by pixe1 on January 14, 2009

Welcome to this week’s Pixe’s Picks!!  This is where I feature the REALLY COOL shops of Etsy!!  My victims this week are pinkparchmentsoaps and MVincent!  Read about them, then go give their shops  some love!!


 Pink Grapefruit Soap


Pinkparchmentsoaps sells beautiful handmade soaps.  Trish, the soapmaker, tells me she has been creating soap for about 5-6 years now!  When I asked how she got her start in soapmaking, this is what she had to say:    That’s actually a funny story.   Several years ago we were on vacation in North Carolina and stopped in a
small soap shop.  They made the most beautiful soap we had ever seen.   We also thought, oh these will make wonderful
gifts for both my husbands mother and my mother – both of whom are incredibly difficult to buy for!   With both mothers day
and birthdays right around the corner, we stocked up.  Once we returned to Michigan, I happened to get a flyer from a local college and they were offering soap making classes. I took the class, and voila we were hooked.

Inquiring minds want to know:  Why Etsy?       In the fall of 2007 we were at a craft show, and the crafter next to us was Midnight Creations.   She already had a shop on Etsy,  and was so enthusiastic about her Etsy shop,  and the entire Etsy community.   When we got home,  we went to Etsy,  browsed around and decided that Etsy was for us!

 Strawberry Cheesecake Soap

 Trish’s favorite soap is the Pink Grapefruit Soap, pictured above.  She loves it because “it’s a lot of fun to make and just smells divine”!!  It’s very pretty, isn’t it?!!

Pixes Pick:  I love this Strawberry Cheesecake Soap!   I think it is such a unique soap, and I bet it smells as yummy as it looks!!


Wonderland Bracelet


MVincent is selling gorgeous handcrafted jewelry along with her crocheted items.   Mannie, the owner of MVincent says she has been making jewelry on and off for about 3 years now, and crocheting for about 2.    This is how Mannie says she got her start in making jewelry:  I picked up jewelry making on a whim, really.  I started making my own jewelry,  and then for family and friends.   They really encouraged me to open shop, and I did (:

And the reason she picked Etsy for her store is she always loves to buy handcrafted when possible.  She found Etsy through a Google search for something else, explored and fell in love with  the Etsy community!!  

Sun Goddess EarringsPixe’s Pick!  I love the Sun Goddess Earrings, being somewhat of a goddess myself!  LOL  Seriously…The orange beads have a beautiful pink iridescence to them, and they glow  like the sun!  The headpins are even hand made!!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Pixe’s Picks!!!  Wishing you all a safe and peaceful week!  Till next week……

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Pixe’s Picks

Posted by pixe1 on January 7, 2009

Carnelian Leaves Necklace

Carnelian Leaves Necklace


Welcome to Pixe’s Picks…the place I show off the REALLY COOL Etsy shops!!

This week I am featuring Joanna’s Photography and Mufi!!

Joanna’s Photography:  

Joanna doesn’t  remember the first time she  snapped her first photo, but “in a form, I have been taking photographs as my passion and for satisfaction- it has been about 4 years”.

This is how Joanna got her start in photography:  “Photography was rather mysterious to me for the longest time. I have used my parents’ camera, but in very limited way. Only after I got my first digital camera, very simple point and shoot model, I started discovering how much satisfaction and pleasure I am getting from photographic nature.
Nature still is my main photographic subject.
Now I have moved to a camera with much more features and settings, which allows me to capture exactly what I want and how I want to present it on the finished photograph”.

Joanna set up shop on Etsy because she has had good experiences as a buyer;  they always had great things for sale, and decided this was a great place to start!

Big Big World

Big Big World

Her favorite item is the “Big Big World, 5 x7″ print, taken in the Outer Banks NC,   “because the layout of this photograph, it’s composition, presents the force of the nature- dark sky, big storm coming, against small human, very weak, against the strength of the surrounding environment”.                                      



This is my Pixe Pick:  I was hardpressed to pick a favorite….All the photos are well composed, and I’m partial to macro photography.  I picked “Waiting“, for it’s gracefullness, and I could just imagine the flower bud popping open at  precisely the right moment!   This is a really cool shop with a lot of great photography!  Give Joanna some love at  JoannasPhotography!!



When I asked how Phyllis got started in her craft she told me:  If you start with my work in textiles, I’ve been crafting / designing since my early 20’s.  I got started making jewelry by buying some intriguing beads and then learning how to work with them by speaking with jewelers and looking up techniques on the Internet. I have a bachelors and masters degrees in art and previously had a career as a textile artist. That background gave me the visual confidence to dive into a new medium. I’ve shown my work nationally and been awarded a National Endowment for the Arts grant in Crafts.   Congratulations on your award, that is certainly a high honor!!!

She chose Etsy because she  was interested to learn about Internet marketing and Etsy offered an easy way to have a working website. Etsy offers a turn-key shop that is easy to learn to use and there’s a very active forum with support from other sellers. The first time she went to the forum with a question, she had 5 answers in as many minutes. That kind of support is invaluable when you’re venturing into new territory
Phyllis said she was unable to chose a favorite item from her shop…there are just too many favorites!

Pixe’s Pick:  This one was easy…I love Carnelian!  I love the colors, textures and shapes of the Carnelian Leaves Necklace!   This is way cool !    (See the top of the post, WordPress is giving me a hard time today…won’t let me post pic where I want)!   

100% of the profits from Phyllis’  stores support her husband Bill Lawhorn’s work with orphans in Liberia, West Africa
For more information about the cause Phyliss  supports, read this:  http://personaltreasures.blogspot.com/2008/12/gem-of-cause-jewelry-benefitting.html     
Be a gem and to give Mufi some love and support a great cause at the same time!                                      

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Pixe’s Picks

Posted by pixe1 on January 6, 2009

Tommorrow, I’m starting a weekly feature called “Pixe’s Picks”.  I will be featuring 2 Etsy shops each week, one shop that sells jewelry, and one shop that sells anything else !  

I would love to know what you think of Pixe’s Picks…comments are always welcome!  Also, if you would like to be featured,  send me a convo at pixestreasurechest.etsy.com.  I would particularly like to hear from shops selling unusual items, pet items, food items, etc.  I look forward to hearing from you!!

See you Wednesday!!

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