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Pixe’s June Newsletter

Posted by pixe1 on June 2, 2009

The Pixe Newsletter Welcome to Pixe’s Treasure Chest’s First Newsletter! I’d like to thank all the wonderful people we met at The Topton Street Fair for making our day a success!! When no one was watching, I could be found singing and dancing to the tunes! It was a wonderful day, and we really had a great time!! Thank you!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

With this newsletter, I’d like to give my reader’s advance notice of sales at Pixe’s Treasures, special sales for my readers from time to time, articles about handcrafted jewelry, articles about gemstones and the stones I use when creating my jewelry, and where Pixe’s Treasure Chest can be found in person! You are also offered the opportunity to suggest topics of interest you’d like to discuss, and as always, I’m more than happy to answer any questions you may have! So, onward to the most important order of business…June’s sale!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Earrings will be on sale, starting June 1, 2009 at 15% off at Pixe’s Treasures ! As a reader, you are entitled to take advantage of this discount now! This gives you first choice of the earrings offered for sale. If you make a purchase using PayPal or a credit card between 5/28/09 and 5/31/09, the difference will be refunded to you. After June 1, 2009, the prices will reflect the discount! Check back often, as new items will be added to Pixe’s Treasures! Happy Shopping!!

Alexandrite Earrings


June’s Birthstone Wearing your birthstone is supposed to bring you good luck! Birthstone jewelry is a great gift to give; either to yourself, or to someone special. The birthstones for June are Pearl, Moonstone, and Alexandrite. I’ve decided to bring you a little info about Alexandrite ; I think it is one of the most gorgeous, and fascinating gemstones out there! Alexandrite is as beautiful as it is rare. This stone is named after the Russian Czar, Alexander II, for it was discovered the day the future czar came of age, in April 1834. Isn’t that a great birthday present, having a gem named after you!!! What is it that makes alexandrite so beautiful, and so rare? It’s beauty comes from the ability to change colors in different light sources. Natural sunlight makes alexandrite appear a bluish green, and in indoor lighting, it appears purplish/red. Alexandrite’s rarity comes from being only mined in a few places in the world where all the right elements came together to form this lovely stone. Alexandrite from Russia is believed to be the most beautiful, and is the most valuable. Most alexandrite jewelry is made using synthetic, or lab grown stones. These are almost as pretty as the real ones. Good stones will exhibit a color change. The alexandrite stones I use are a purple color inside, and a teal color in sunlight. Very pretty! Throughout history, many gemstones have been attributed to mythological and healing lore. Individuals believed, and still do, that wearing certain stones achieve desired affects. Alexandrite is known as the “Good Omen Stone”. It may also assist one’s ability to center the self, build self-esteem, and improve on a person’s ability to experience joy. It is also believed to inspire creativity and the imagination.


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Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chrysoberyl

http://www.alexandrite.net/chapters/chapter8/index.html ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

In June, Pixe can be found at: The Leesport Farmer’s Market every Wednesday in Building 1

The Apple Dumpling Festival, Sinking Spring, Pa June 15-June 20

And don’t forget to check the website for the “codeword” for a special discount before you come see us!!

Hope to see you soon!!

Have a wonderful June! —


Pixe’s Treasures http://pixestreasures.com

If you would like to sign up for this newsletter, and take advantage of advance notice of sales, please email me at  mich@pixestreasures.com.


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