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Pixe’s Picks for Feb. 4, 2009

Posted by pixe1 on February 4, 2009

Welcome to Pixe’s Picks!  This is THE place where I showcase the really, really cool Etsy shops!  Go get your beverage of choice,  put up your feet, and Enjoy!!  This week I’m featuring JudyRuth and DiVanityDesigns!  Want to see a larger pic?  Just click on the pic you want to see!

Country Rooster

Country Rooster

Please allow me to introduce you to Karen, artist and owner of JudyRuth!  Karen has been crafting for as long as she can remember…since she was a young girl!!  Funny…seems most of us have been crafting since we were very young!
This is how Karen got started in her craft:  I began my Etsy shop with my hen and rooster which is a 40 year old pattern that belongs to my Aunt Judy and my grandmother, Ruth (hence the name). This artwork was a very popular item to create back in the day and I remember a set hanging in my grandmother”s dining room all of my younger years. When I had surgery two years ago my sweet Aunt Judy brought me the two patterns and a basket of beans so I could have something to keep me busy and a business was born. Since that time I have created the other patterns and ideas for my shop.
This is why Karen chose Etsy as her venue:   I choose Etsy because my daughter has two shops here, the blue button and mossy wood lane. She really encouraged me and convinced me this would be the perfect medium to sell my “wares”. She was so right! I love Etsy and all of the wonderful people involved. I have become a treasury junky and have so much fun convoing the friends on Etsy that I have made. Some have become very good friends.
Even though she has a difficult time picking her fave, this piece is gets her vote (see above pic):  I will always love the hen and rooster just simply because they were my first pieces that I created!!! I get so much satisfaction from their completion because it takes me around 8 to 9 hours to complete them. They are a true labor of love.
Bean and Corn Centerpiece

Bean and Corn Centerpiece

Pixe’s Picks!  Wow, Karen’s art is truly a labor of  love!  Her work is so gorgeous and unusual!  I love her Bean and Corn Centerpiece!  The colors are warm, earthy, and it’s such a textural piece!  Please, make it a point to stop in and see her goodies!!
Next up…DiVanityDesigns!
Multi Strand Pearl Necklace

Multi Strand Pearl Necklace

Give a big warm, Pixe welcome to Cari, jewelry designer and owner of DiVanityDesigns!  She has only been creating jewelry for a few months!  This is how she got her start: 
How did I get started in jewelry design? Well, I was addicted to etsy first as a buyer, and I loved finding unique jewelry that had wonderful stones and rocks in them. I like being different, and etsy jewelry definitely supported that! I was inspired by the other designers on etsy to try making jewelry, and then my dance teacher told me where I could go to take classes. By this point I was having etsy sellers custom make jewelry for me, so it just made sense to go for it! I took my first class and I was hooked! This business has taken off a lot faster than I expected, and I love it! It’s more fun that I imagined it would be.
Cari tells me this is why she chose Etsy:  I chose Etsy because Etsy was what inspired me to go for it in the first place. I love etsy- the look, the sellers and buyers, the friendly forums… it’s a great place to be!
Her fave item is her Multi Strand Pearl Necklace because:   It was actually the first thing I made and when I created the vision in my head I was so excited! I kind of look at it now, amazed that I created it. 🙂 I will be sad when it sells…
Aquamarine and Sterling Chain Wraparound Bracelet

Aquamarine and Sterling Chain Wraparound Bracelet

Pixe’s Pick!  I really had a difficult time picking a fave!  Cari uses so many gorgeous stones in her work!  And I love stones!  I picked the Aquamarine and Sterling Wraparound Bracelet…I just love the way the aquamarine and silver look together…It’s classic!
That’s  all for Pixe’s Picks for this week!  Be sure to click on the pics to go to our stars’ etsy shops!
Wishing you a wonderful, peaceful, and creative week!

5 Responses to “Pixe’s Picks for Feb. 4, 2009”

  1. I saw the bean and corn centerpieces a few days ago on etsy and just loved them! great choice.


  2. Rochelle said

    love your blog,I have not been here bfore,but you will be in my list of blogs to “stalk” 🙂

  3. MayhemArts said

    Very talented artists… Great Finds!

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