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Posted by pixe1 on January 23, 2009

Every now and then, a guest will be invited to write an article.  Robyn, from robynsart  has graciously accepted the invitation…She gives us a wonderful article about Balance….


As women, we have to be master jugglers.  Many of us balance family, children, a career, our art, and social groups.  We have to give 100% to many different areas, and we have to do so without becoming personally depleted.  But how? 

I can’t speak for absolutely everyone.  But I can give you some tried and true suggestions. 

Take care of YOU.  Giving all the time can leave you empty.  Make time to do things that you enjoy.  Take a long hot bath, call a friend, go to church, read a book, meditate, create something, journal, whatever you can do for yourself. 

Delegate.  If you feel drained by cooking dinner every night, doing dishes, doing laundry, etc.  then get help.  Make a schedule.  Monday, you cook, others wash dishes.  Tuesday you bring pizza or order in.  Enlist your children or others in your home and have them cook meals on various nights.  We always think we have to do it all.  But we can accept the help of others.

If you work outside the home, work scheduled hours and try to not bring work home.  If you work from home, the same thing applies.  Schedule your hours and stick to them.  Help your family to understand that work is important.  But dedicate time to them after your work is done. 

Don’t over commit.  Try to not schedule something for every evening of the week.  If you have to schedule something, then schedule free time, or a relaxing evening with the family. 

Include others in crafting time.  Sometimes, when I am doing my art, I get very carried away.  If I include members of my family, they do not feel left out, or resentful.  If I go out to take photos, I include the family on my hike.  If I am making journals, I give them canvas boards, paints, etc, so they can create their own work of art—if they want.   

It’s tough to juggle everything and not get burned out, but if you utilize these suggestions, perhaps it will make the whole process a little easier.  

From Pixe:   For the men out there…Is this an issue for you?  Do you feel you have to juggle and achieve balance in your life?  What do you do to balance life and duties?

Leave a comment, let us know what you juggle in your life, and what you do to achieve a balance in your life!  We can all learn from each other!! 


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  1. Robyn said

    thank you for allowing me to contribute!

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