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Pixe’s Picks!!!

Posted by pixe1 on January 21, 2009

Welcome friends, to this weeks Pixe’s Picks!!!  This is the place to be, every Wednesday, where I celebrate the coolest shops on Etsy!!!  Grab a cup of tea, or a dirty martini, put up your feet, and enjoy!!  This week I feature Ishycreations, and  GreighdayVintage!!

Messenger Bag   ISHYCREATIONS:  Say “hey” to ishycreations!   She has been crafting all her life!!   Ishy tells me she got her start in sewing at an early age, also!  This is what she wants us to know about how she got started in her crafts:   Well, for sewing, I was very young, about 4 or 5, and my mother would go downstairs into her sewing room and sew for hours on end.  Eventually I got curious as to what she was doing down there so I would join her.
She made these BEAUTIFUL Victorian dresses (we were American Civil War Reenactors).  I started helping her pin fabric pieces together and find pattern pieces for her.  As I got older she let me use her sewing machine, then I got my own years later.
The rest is history.

As for clay … I had some of that “never dries out” oily clay as a child and (while my mother was at work) I would play with it hours upon hours. I can remember creating my own dolls because the ones my family would buy me “weren’t expressive enough”.
I didn’t discover polymer clay till about 6 months ago, though. I found out about it, got some, then fell head over heels madly in love with it.

Me, being ever curious, wanted to know why she chose Etsy: Originally, I didn’t know there was any option other than Ebay O_O .  I ran into Etsy on accident through someone on DeviantArt.  I signed up and started selling.   Then I ran into ArtFire, but I don’t like it as much as faithful ol’ Etsy!

Ishycreations favorite item her shop, besides her clay items,  is her Messenger Bag. “It’s my favorite item because it’s made out of my old “bondage” pants that I wore in high school. I never got rid of them because I was determined to get back to that size (yea, RIGHT!) or to find a use for them. And a use I did find! ”

Hello Kitty/Hearts reconstructed hoodiePixe’s Picks:  ishycreations has some really wonderful stuff in her shop!  She makes these clay goodies that look good enough to eat!!   I really like this Hello Kitty/Hearts Hoodie….it’s just so fun!  Plus, I love hoodies!!!

Neptunes Garden Vintage Couture Art Nouveau Wrist Cuff

  Next up is Amber, from GreighdayVintage!  She too, has been crafting all her life!!  She comes from a creative family; her mother is an artist, her father, a poet!  Amber tells us how she got her start in her craft:  When I was about 17, I started using my Mother’s old broken jewelry, (mostly hand me downs from Grandmother, or garage and estate sale finds) to make new and exciting pieces for myself. I always loved knowing that no one else on Earth had the exact same thing that I did. 

And why Etsy?  asks curious Mich: When I found Etsy, I was very impressed with the principle of it. I started to shop and loved the items I was receiving. I thought why not try it out for myself and perhaps make a little spending money on the side. It evolved from there. I adore Etsy!

Amber’s fave item from her shop is the  Neptune’s  Garden cuff (pic above) for  it’s “whimsy, and wonderful mix of textures and shapes. It makes me daydream of mystical places. It’s magical to me and I had a hard time listing it.  I almost kept it for myself! ”

Vintage Burlesque Golden Lace and Feather Millinery Can Can Girl Fascinator

Pixe’s Picks:  I love this Vintage Burlesque Golden Lace and Feather Millinery Can Can Girl Fascinator!  It is so colorful, full of texture, and funky!  You could say I’m fascinated by fascinators!    This is something I could see myself wearing!! 

That’s Pixe’s Picks for this week!  Give these shops some love!  They are really cool!!    And the artists are really fab!!  Wishing you a wonderful, and safe week! 






3 Responses to “Pixe’s Picks!!!”

  1. Hey, I love what you chose. Its hard to see the pictures, though. Can you make them bigger?

  2. pixe1 said

    Next week I will surely try to make the larger!!! Thank you!!

  3. haannh said

    Love ishycreations clay goodies!sweet..

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