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Giving Thanks

Posted by pixe1 on November 26, 2008

This is the time of year we tradionally stop to think about what we are thankful for.   Some of us count our blessings everyday.  I do.  And I’m fortunate to have many.

I’m thankful for the the wonderful family and friends I have.  I am especially thankful for my mom and my son, who are so supportive of my artisan jewelry business.  I can never thank them enough for giving up their day, and helping and keeping me company during craft shows.  My dad has been wonderful too, sharing his business insight with me, and I thought that only was passed down from father to son!  What a lucky daughter I am!!

I’m thankful for you,  all my new friends and customers who take precious time out of their day to take a peek at my jewelry.  I find great joy in sharing my creations.

What are you thankful for?

Take a moment.  Count your blessings everyday, not just once  a year.  I’m willing to bet if a penny was put aside for each thing we are thankful for,  we would be rich!!!

May you all have a truly wonderful Thanksgiving day and stay safe!


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