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Buying Handcrafted Jewelry: The Seller’s Reputation

Posted by pixe1 on November 18, 2008

     Buying jewelry handcrafted by artisans is a very rewarding experience;  you get a piece of jewelry that no one else, or very few people are wearing.  This is a fantastic way to express your individuality!!

     Last week pricing was discussed.  This week we will talk about what makes a seller reputable,   you need to feel comfortable with the person you are trading your hard earned money with for jewelry.  So, get a cup of coffee, relax, and join us for a few minutes!!

     There are a few things to consider when deciding if a seller is reputable:  guarantees, feedback, questions.   

Guarantees:  What kind of guarantee does the seller offer?  Do they even have one?  This is usually worded as their “Return Policy”.  Most sellers will make their return policy clear.  Many state a time limit to make returns, and who is responsible for shipping, and how refunds are handled.  Some sellers want to know the reason an item is returned, others ask no questions.  Let’s face it, if you get your item and you just don’t like it, you need to feel comfortable returning it without a hassle.   Pixe’s Treasure Chest has a no questions asked return policy.   However, comments are always appreciated in order for me to design a better product, especially if the reason for return is a design flaw.

     Feedback:   Most online marketplaces use feedback as a means for a customer to gauge how reputable a seller is.  Look for positive feedback.   There should be much more of that than negative feedback.   Keep in mind,  some customers just do not bother to take time to leave feedback, or if they do leave feedback, they leave no comment.   As a seller, I rely on feedback.  I at least want to know that you received your piece of jewelry undamaged, and that you are pleased with your purchase,  or not.  Also consider,  newer sellers may have a lower number of feedback,  don’t let this discourage you buying from that seller, just keep all the other points in mind.   Do they, or have they sold elsewhere?  The seller may just be new that  particular marketplace.

     Questions.   As a seller, when I list an item, I try to describe it as thoroughly as possible.   However, sometimes there is something you want to know about the piece that I haven’t addressed.   Always feel free to ask any seller a question about their product.  There is always a  link to contact the seller.   The only dumb question is the one that wasn’t asked.   Consider how quickly the seller responds to your question.  Are they courteous and professional with  their answer?  Did they answer your question to your satisfaction?

     Buying from a reputable seller applies to both online and physical venues, such as craft shows.  When I do craft shows, I welcome questions.  The more the better.  I want a happy customer, and my return policy applies to craft shows, also. 

    So, don’t be shy, ask questions!   What is the return policy, are customers satisfied with the jewelry purchased?   And ask, ask away!  We jewelry artisans love to talk about our jewelry!!!

     Thanks for visiting, and I hope your day is absolutely wonderful, peaceful, and safe!


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