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Buying Handcrafted Jewelry: Pricing.

Posted by pixe1 on November 10, 2008

Seems to me,  the first place to start the discussion on buying handcrafted jewelry is pricing.  Let’s face it, it is the first thing I look at,   and I  know price is the first thing you look at.  

For the most part,  handcrafted jewelry is  more expensive  than mass produced jewelry.   When purchasing mass produced jewelry,  what do you actually get?   You get a piece of jewelry that thousands,  if not millions,  of other people are wearing.    When purchasing handcrafted jewelry, what do you actually get?   You will get a piece of jewelry that is one of a kind,  or very limited in the number of pieces available.  Only you , or at most, a few other people will be wearing. Even if the seller has more than one piece of an item,  each item is still one of a kind because each piece is handcrafted.   It is very difficult to make two pieces of jewelry exactly the same.   Buying handcrafted jewelry is a really great way to show your individuality,  and show off your personal sense of style!!   So, that said, let us talk about pricing.

There are a few factors to consider when pricing handcrafted jewelry.

  • Cost of supplies.   Beads, precious metal, jumrings, clasps, all cost money.  I try  to find suppliers with the highest quality product  with the best pricing so I can offer fair pricing to you.
  • Time spent designing the jewelry .   Most jewelry artists have visions of what they want to create.   Many of  sketch our ideas and then have to search for the materials needed to create our next masterpiece. 
  • Time creating the jewelry.   Once we jewelry artists have our vision,  we need to create.   Some pieces take longer than others.  Simple pieces are less time consuming then others.   It take me much less time to string a necklace than it does to to individually wire wrap each bead and link them together.

Another aspect to consider with pricing is you get what you pay for.   A simple piece of handcrafted jewelry can be inexpensive, however, a more intricate piece that is very inexpensive could raise some warning flags. Is the jewelry made with materials the artist claims?  Is this truly handcrafted, or mass produced and being passed on as handcrafted?

 These are the major factors that are considered when pricing handcrafted jewelry.  It really does take time to create handcrafted jewelry .   I strive to present  a high quality piece  of jewelry to you at a fair price.

Next week I will talk about buying from a reputable seller.

Hoping you have an absolutely wonderful, peaceful, and safe day!


One Response to “Buying Handcrafted Jewelry: Pricing.”

  1. Szarka said

    This is a great post. Jewelry artists need this information over and over to honor their work. Kudo’s.

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